Sunflower Ring Holder Necklace Gourmet Chain Ring Keeper Pendant Surgeon Ring Holder Pendant Ring Holder Jewelry

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💎 A quality solid and stylish sunflower ring holder necklace that will make your rings feel solid and secure and you will enjoy wearing them as a jewellery.

💎 It is always safer with its thick gourmet chain and the harmony with the necklace is great.

💎 When you need to take off your ring, carry it around your neck as a jewel and don't be afraid to lose it.

💎 Great for carrying Marriage, Engagement, Promise family keepsake rings. Perfect for carrying when you can't wear rings during pregnancy.

💎 A great helper for mothers who do housework, nurses, doctors, surgeons, food chefs who have to take off the rings while wearing gloves.

💎 Graduation and promoted gift. We gift wrap it for you.

💎 Sunflower ring holder necklace has a great compatibility with all rings thanks to its 3D special construction.

💎 For rings 5-13



- Pendant heigh: 27 mm

- Pendant width: 35 mm

- Chain length: 16-18-20-22-24 -26 inch ( 40 - 45 - 50 - 55 - 60 - 65 ) cm


• Original Gowa Design Box, Certificate of Jewellry, and care cloth packed as gift for you.