Personalized Ring Holder Necklace

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18K Gold Plated
925 Silver
Rose Gold Plated
💎 No more worrying about where to put your ring when you do your job. You can safely do your job by attaching the magic ring holder to your necklace in a practical and easy way.

💎 Don't worry about losing your ring this summer. You won't lose your ring on the beach. Your magic ring holder necklace carries your ring safely.

With the double chain option

💎 Geometric Ring Holder Necklace is Elegant and Fashionable.

💎 It is a way to carry your ring closest to your heart.

💎 Keep souvenir rings close to your heart.

💎 An excellent gift to your mother and grandmother.

💎 It is perfect for Doctors, Architects,Surgeons, medical students.

💎 You do not need to remove the necklace to wear the ring

💎 Choose the one that is best for you. Our chain length is 18 inches. Please let me know if you have concerns about the chain length.

💎 Holds rings of sizes 3-12

💎 The ring is not included


💎 Pendant

- Pendant height: 33 mm

- Pendant width: 24 mm

- Chain Length: 16-18-20-22-24 inches, With the double chain option

- Sterling silver, sterling silver plated 18k gold, sterling silver plated rose gold

- Made of 925silver high quality metarial.


• Original Gowa Design Box, Certificate of Jewellry, and care cloth packed as gift for you.